6AM - 12pm - Training floor 

12pm -2pm - Open gym

2pm - 8pm - Training floor


7AM - 1pm - Training floor 



All members are welcomed and allowed in the gym during training floor hours. Coaches would love for you to come at what ever time is most convenient for you! If you come during a period where coach is helping another member,  please drop your stuff off in a cubby and begin your warm up, coach will acknowledge you and be with you right away!

If you are looking to get in a lift of your own, on your own, we would love to have you! Open gym is Monday through Friday starting at 12pm and ending at 2pm. During this time the whole gym is open to you, as there will be no coach on the floor. Before you come in, please be sure you have prepaid online, filled out a waiver, and are prepared with your own workout!

Let us know when you would like to come in for your free introduction and assessment!

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