Introduction & assessment 

During your introduction we will get you acclimated to the gym and the equipment you will use during your program. After your introduction, coach will sit down with you and discuss the goals you have for yourself and what previously stopped you from attaining them; whether it was lack of time, burnout, nagging injuries, health concerns, or nutrition. We will then briefly discuss what your training and nutrition plan may look like in order to achieve those goals.

Coach will then put you through a free assessment in order to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your movement patterns. This assessment will serve as one of the main guidelines in building your progressive personalized program. 

After your introduction to the facility and free move assessment, if you decide you are a good fit, we will then schedule two more sessions where we will complete your member profile and work-load assessment. By the time you are done with your introductory period, you will feel comfortable and confident you are with the right team to achieve your goals. 


systems for success

At Fortitude Strength, there is no guess work involved. Guess work or randomness leads to injury, burnout, or worse; wasting your time. Through industry leading education, application, and the inspiration from our FS family, we know what it takes to get the job done. During your introductory period and free assessment, we will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss what course of action will be best for you.

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